The more I mull over it, the more I am perturbed. I stand face to face with my own absurdity and cowardice.

 The thought of “not knowing what to do in life” jars me to my core everyday.  But isn’t it just fine for now? Why is there such a sudden, compulsive urge to know what I want from life? What shall I do?

Do I file my resignation tomorrow and just jump into an unknown abyss, in the pursuit of finding my passion? But what about the money? What about being left behind? Do I start something of my own? But what? What is it? Swimming, Painting, Singing, Photography, Interior Decoration, Dancing, Modelling, Blogging, and the list goes on.I enjoy doing  each of these. So where will I fit? But I am just being practical right? I obviously do not have time now to explore. I have my work and my preparation for XYZ exam. I have my family. I do not have time now. Are these excuses?

Each day feels like a lost battle.

 But what if I continue doing this, shutting my heart and just listening to my brain. Is there a breaking point somewhere in future? Or will I just be fine? I realised that a better question to ask is “Whether I am happy with being just fine?”

For all of us who connect with this piece of article, the answer is a definite “NO“.  So, where do we start? More importantly, when do we start? The answer is “NOW“. This very moment is when you start. As the saying goes, it’s better late than never.

Just pick up the brush and paint your heart out on the first piece of paper you see

Just stand in front of the mirror and do your favourite dance step

Just subscribe for that course you have been thinking of doing since so long

Just order the guitar you have been gawking at every night on the site

Just click a photo of a flower with a mobile phone and edit it the best way you can

Just think about the dress or the room you have always wanted to design

Just do it

 It is perfectly fine if you take time to finish. But it is not fine if you do not start in the very first place.




– Adyasha Padhi


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